More on VY

We left VY early on Wednesday morning after she had roosted east of Rabat in Morocco before continuing her migration. Since then two other tracked juveniles, Loch of the Lowes‘  FR4 and the Lake District‘s V0, have reached Morocco. All three juveniles’ routes are quite similar near Rabat. Yesterday there was new data for the other two but not VY.

Both V0 and VY have GSM/GPS trackers which rely on proximity to cell towers to download data. There is a random four hour window each day when this happens.  Coverage in southern Morocco is patchy and it is likely that VY was not within range of a tower during her four hour window.

The next few days of southward migration will be over areas with similar sparse coverage so it could be several days before we receive new data.

In the meantime, thanks to Paul’s analytical skills, here are some statistics of VY’s journey from Kielder to the coast of Africa.

VY to Maroc coast:PaulVY is not travelling for as many hours a day as some juveniles given her liking for perching near water for an hour or two! And she didn’t travel far on a couple of rainy days, one in England and one in Spain.

Paul has also been busy making a Google Earth animation of VY’s flight over the Pyrenées on 4 September. It gives a real sense of the terrain she was seeing as she flew. Many thanks to Paul for all the work involved.


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2 Responses to More on VY

  1. Jillian says:

    Fantastic, my favourite guitar music as well.

  2. Mine too! VY passed about 50km east of Aranjuez – but that was close enough to justify the inclusion of the music. :)

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