VY is in Spain

The long interval between the early e-mail on Thursday and a late one yesterday meant VY had covered much ground, although she isn’t an early starter!

On 3 September she moved from her roost before 05.00 UTC but sat around on various trees until after 09.40. Did she try to fish? She certainly explored water.

Did VY try to catch a fish?

Did VY try to catch a fish?

She was flying in the top left fix then perched in the trees by the pond.

After this break she flew non-stop from 09.52 to 17.00 at speeds of over 70 kph at times. This is her route.

VY's travel on 3 Sept

VY’s travel on 3 Sept

She passed west of Cognac just after noon then flew straight over the river Gironde at 13.34, 500m above it. She gained even more height as she flew on, being up to 1200m above the terrain as she went south past Arcachon and parallel with the coast about 30 km to the west.

Soon after 16.30 she flew just east of Pontoux sur l’Adour, a name ardent osprey followers will know because one of Roy Dennis’s tracked adults, Beatrice, passed by there just three weeks earlier on her way to her staging post further upriver!  VY seemed to like the look of the river too.

VY checks out the river Adour near a bend

VY checks out the river Adour near a bend

VY carried on a few km then chose an attractive looking spot to roost.

3 Sept: VY's riverside roost

3 Sept: VY’s riverside roost

VY had travelled 337 km in the day.

On 4 September she had moved further back into the wood by 06.07 and then – as on the previous day – she spent a couple of hours on trees but by the river. At 09.49 she was off! She didn’t stop until 17.08 and crossed the Pyrenées at around noon. Here is her route for the day.

4 Sept: VY's route

4 Sept: VY’s route

As VY passed Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port she started gaining altitude to cross the Pyrenées ahead of her. She was mainly 500-700m above the terrain below.

VY crosses the Pyrenées

VY crosses the Pyrenées

This area is very near Beatrice’s usual crossing point. VY continued on through Spain, parallel to and west of the river Urrobi for a time. She passed east of Pamplona at 13.00 and crossed high mountains south of Agreda in the Parque Natural del Moncayo.

VY’s roost was just a few km SW of Ariza, a small community on the river Jalón. She had flown 306 km in the day.

4 Sept: VY's roost by the Jalón river

4 Sept: VY’s roost by the Jalón river

Since leaving Kielder VY has travelled 1694 km. Here is an overview.

VY's migration to 4 September

VY’s migration to 4 September

Will she make her winter home Spain, as Beatrice does?

Today the data download was very early and she was perched a short distance SW of her roost. The next data probably won’t arrive until fairly late tomorrow.

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