VY gets a move on!

The GSM/GPS trackers give a wealth of detail of great value but the download system means that there can be a long gap in the daily intervals. So yesterday we received data before 09.00 BST, today it was late afternoon and what a lot of travel in between!

On 31 August she made slow progress in wet conditions after what had been a good start. To recap, this was Day 1 on 30 August, thanks to Paul for these very clear graphics, click on any image to enlarge.

30 Aug: VY travel to nr Denby Dale

30 Aug: VY travel to nr Denby Dale

Then for Day 2 the ‘weather induced’ limited travel was accompanied by limited fixes because of lack of sun to charge the small solar panel.

Aug 31: VY reaches the Midlands

31 Aug: VY reaches the Midlands

But yesterday in better weather she crossed the Channel!

Sept 1: goodbye England

 1 Sept: goodbye England

On her journey VY gained altitude to 802m ASL passing Petersfield, then after dropping down flew higher again and faster as she reached the coast. She was at 449m ASL and flying at 74 kph as she was last over English soil this year.

14.14 BST and VY leaves England for the first time

14.14 BST: VY leaves England for the first time

She made landfall north of Le Havre at 16.38 UTC so she was over water for more than three hours for the first time in her life. What longer crossings may lie ahead?

16.38 UTC land again!

16.38 UTC VY is over land again

She’ll recognise that landmark harbour in years to come, perhaps.

VY pushed on south flying high over the eastern outskirts of Le Havre before roosting about 10 km south of Honfleur. This was her roost point.

1 Sept: VY roosts near the E44

1 Sept: VY roosts near the E44

A tree by a field but near the busy E44, a far cry from her tree by a rural Leicestershire field the previous evening.

Today she set off at 08.20 in a southerly direction. This is her travel to the last fix at 15.08 when she was north of Chinon.

2 Sept: VY to 15..08  flying north of Chinon

2 Sept: VY to 15..08
flying north of Chinon

Until last fix today she’d travelled 243 km at an average speed of 35.9 km/hr and average height above terrain, not sea level, of 150m.

She is doing very well on her first migration. The forecast for tomorrow (thanks to Paul again) is favourable winds still. Light rain in the Pyrenées is expected to clear later, so about as good as we could hope for her. If she flies that far. She isn’t many km from where Loch Garten 2013 Breagha spent a stopover in his first year. This year he started his migration back from Senegal but spent the summer in his French stopover. Will VY do the same?!

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2 Responses to VY gets a move on!

  1. KEITH ROGERS says:

    A good solid start. Hope to see her on English soil again some day. I always like to see young ospreys stop for a while around a lake or river area in France or Spain before continuing.

  2. I got a crick in my neck looking up, but she was too far East. Thanks for the tracking.

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