VY starts her migration

This morning on Nest 1 there was an empty nest – and surrounding area – until 10.50. The possibility of migration was in the mind, but then VP landed. VY too made an appearance.

VY arrives (c) Forestry Commission England

VY arrives
(c) Forestry Commission England

Yesterday Paul predicted that the winds would shift to the right direction for migration and that the Kielder ospreys could be on the move by midday. Well he was spot on! VY probably left Kielder at around 12.06 BST, the first fix away from Kielder on the data in an e-mail this evening was at 12.21 and some miles south.

Here is where she travelled today by 17.43, graphic courtesy Paul.

VY starts her migration

VY starts her migration

Her route took her down the Pennines and her elevation ASL was over 1000m a few times, but given the terrain it was a more modest height of up to around 500m above the ground! Her fastest recorded speed was over 70 kph and she was flying strongly throughout. She flew just west of Barnard Castle and was on a SSE direction until a slight shift near Otley to a more southerly route.

VY heads in a more southerly direction

VY heads in a more southerly direction

This afternoon VP was still around Nest 1 and both juveniles were on Nest 2.

VY is the oldest of the Kielder juveniles at 95 days old. She has eaten well in the last few days but as is usual with most juveniles there is no evidence she has fished for herself. Successful hunting and choosing a good route are her next challenges. As they will be for the other juveniles at Kielder and elsewhere. Fly well, fish well, those are our deepest hopes for them all.

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3 Responses to VY starts her migration

  1. thehutts says:

    Wow – when they decide to go they certainly move. Sally

  2. Cirrus says:

    Keep safe, keep fed

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