Osprey Watch Report: 23 August 2015

More action on Leaplish Bay again – today’s Report has the news:-

To write a minute by minute, diary style report for today would be an injustice to our ospreys, the varied and enthusiastic visitors who arrived in numbers and (above all) to the magnificent Northumberland countryside.

Driving past the dam, we saw Kielder’s water shining a flat calm brilliant cobalt blue: things were very different at Leaplish where a brisk easterly created sea-like waves with white horses carried right past and over the jetty. Prospects for fishing looked poor, but our ospreys demonstrated their expertise by maintaining a regular supply of trout to both nests; (Nest 2 had two fish being devoured at the same time).

In the rush to claim an early delivery VS seizes 37's leg (c) Forestry Commission England

In the rush to claim an early delivery VS seizes 37’s leg
(c) Forestry Commission England

Visitors were scarce until the Boat Inn opened but from then to our finish we were treated to a regular supply of enthusiastic, informed and interested holiday makers. Almost all were visitors from outside the region, notably from Florida, Canada, Wales and throughout the UK. Many described seeing Ospreys at home; on telephone poles in Florida, in trees in the Lake District and fishing in the rivers of western Canada. It’s clear that a common interest in these birds connects enthusiasts everywhere, and, moreover, attracts them to Kielder.

A common thread was some surprise that our birds are still present and have not migrated. One visitor from Aberdeen noted that she believed some Scottish ospreys had already left. On this theme, we could not verify a sighting of either of the adult females on Nest 1 or 2, but 37 and YA were still providing fish to the nest.

Through the scopes, we could see one bird stationed on the camera pole for much of the day, and another perched either to the right or left of Nest 1. The highlight of the day was around 16.00 when an adult bird flew low down back and forth across a patch of calm water directly opposite Leaplish. After several minutes it disappeared to the left, behind the foreground trees. Moments later a large trout was dropped on Nest 1, perhaps we were unlucky not to see a fish taken in front of us.

In summary, a brilliant day of constant sunshine, fascinating visitors (150+), fabulous scenery and entertaining ospreys.

Margaret, Brian, Tim and Ian

As Ian notes in his engaging write up the Nest 1 and 2 females didn’t put in an appearance before the end of Osprey Watch today and neither were present late yesterday before streaming ceased at 19.15. A part consumed fish had been left on Nest 1 by VP at 18.00 and normally Mrs YA is quick to ‘tidy up’. Mrs 37 has been spending significant amounts of time on Nest 2 until yesterday. So there is a strong probability that they have departed Kielder. They both endured some very poor weather when incubating and when the chicks were young; they really deserve their winter in the sun this year although if their destination is sub-Saharan Africa it is quite wet there at the moment!


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One Response to Osprey Watch Report: 23 August 2015

  1. thehutts says:

    If the females have left I hope they missed the strong South Easterly winds we seem to have had here all day! Here is wishing all migrating ospreys kind winds and safe landings and thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who have enthused the public throughout the season. Sally

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