A couple of tourists!

A download from Nest 1  Blue VY’s GSM/GPS tracker showed that in addition to some local trips she made quite a long exploratory journey for a juvenile on 17 August. Here’s a graphic from Paul of most of the travel.

VY visits another reservoir

VY visits another reservoir

The flight started away from the nest site and ended away from it too, so VY had quite a busy morning. The altitude on the graphic is the average above the datum sea level and VY was mostly over hills of 300-350m ASL, but she was quite high nonetheless. And her speed was impressive on the ‘almost backwind’ return, often over 60 kph.

VY’s furthest point was just past Catcleugh Reservoir. The A68 runs alongside  the reservoir and ospreys are reported there, athough unlike Kielder Water it isn’t stocked.

Close up around Catcleugh Reservoir

Close up around Catcleugh Reservoir

So just a glance by VY then back to the delights of Kielder Water. And fish from YA!

Today on Nest 1 initially no ospreys were present. At 09.25 that changed. Another tourist landed.

2012 Nest 2 Blue 2H was seen on all three nests at Kielder early in the season and has now  landed on Nest 1 a couple of times towards the end. Maybe he roamed elsewhere – an osprey was reported at Hurworth Burn in Co Durham, where he was seen last year – but his presence at Kielder late on raises hopes that he will return next year. How wonderful would that be for us to have the next generation breeding in Kielder Forest!



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