Osprey Watch Report: 19 August 2015

Here’s yesterday’s Report:-

It was good to have a dry day for today’s watch. It was overcast at first, but by mid afternoon, the clouds were higher and there was a lot of sun.

The main topic today was migration and whether our birds were going to be on show for about 120 visitors who came by. For most of the morning, nothing was happening on Nest 1, although there was activity still on the screen from Nest 2. But at about 11.30, we were treated to nearly an hour of constant views of at least three birds over the lake, one just over the ferry jetty! It was sensational and the lucky visitors who were there didn’t need to worry about missing the odd bird, as another would hove into view. One dived for a fish but we weren’t sure whether prey was taken, even though initially the bird seemed to set off in the direction of Nest 2, only to return to the lake. With distant Buzzards adding to the spectacle, we were all a bit breathless when it calmed down!.

During the afternoon, an adult and young did re-appear on Nest 1.

VY takes a fish from YA (c) Forestry Commission England

VY takes a fish from YA
(c) Forestry Commission England

37 brought a fish to Nest 2 at 15.50, gratefully received by VM. At times, both Nest 2 chicks were on the nest with one parent.

Today’s visitors included a birding group of Gillie’s friends and then three generations of Gillie’s own family! Visitors came from all over the UK and Karachi – some had never heard of an osprey, others were adding Kielder Ospreys to others they had seen elsewhere.

Gillie’s friends added Nuthatch, Siskin and Goldcrest to their sightings by going to the Squirrel hide, a Kestrel appeared late afternoon to the west, and a melancholy Robin started singing to remind us that autumn is not that far away.

Key to today, however, was the presence of Ospreys still at both nests and confirmation that we should keep Osprey Watch going for at least the next weekend.

Tim, Les and Gillie

Although activity on their nest is infrequent, the views of the Nest 1 family in the area around the nest and the possibility of sightings in Leaplish Bay such as enjoyed yesterday merit continuation of Osprey Watch over the weekend; they could be the last couple of days of the Watch, depending on how much is observed. And how many ospreys are around.

Yesterday Mrs YA didn’t put in an appearance until after 16.30. She arrived to take away a part fish left by VY.

Mrs YA lands to collect her tea! (c) Forestry Commission England

Mrs YA lands to collect her tea!
(c) Forestry Commission England

Mrs 37 was also still present and had to defend her nest during several intrusions yesterday afternoon.

Mrs 37 mantles, not for the first time (c) Forestry Commission England

Mrs 37 mantles, not for the first time
(c) Forestry Commission England


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