VY explores some familiar spots!

Data from Nest 1 juvenile VY’s GSM/GPS tracker downloads less often than the usual daily update – rural Northumberland has many less of the necessary cell phone towers than Morocco and Senegal. But an e-mail today provided details of an exploration she made yesterday of some familiar places around the south shore of Kielder Water. This great graphic by Paul with an OS overlay also shows she was flying at over 200m above ground level on parts of her journey. Click on it to fill your screen.

VY explores

VY explores

She was flying by the Hawkhirst Scout Camp on the north side of Leaplish Bay at 10.10 UTC, so 11.10 BST. From there she headed across past the Osprey Watch viewpoint at Leaplish – but on a non-manned day, what a shame! She was over Leaplish Bay for over 10 minutes. Northumberland Wildlife Trust were running a Red Squirrel event and had two osprey sightings – one may well have been VY.

She reached her southernmost point at 10.26 UTC before heading north and passed the launch point for the Wednesday cruises at 10.30 UTC exactly.

20150813 VY over Whickhope


After that she returned to the nest area, but she’d had a good exploratory flight and she made up the energy expended by eating for much of the afternoon!

VY gets set for more food in the late afternoon (c) Forestry Commission England

VY gets set for more food in the late afternoon
(c) Forestry Commission England

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