More on Monday’s ringed intruder

Our thanks to Roy Dennis and Keith Brockie for details of Monday’s Scottish intruder, who removed a fish from Nest 1. Here is the incident as seen by the nestcam.

The flapping wing to the right is YA’s, who can be seen following YS to the nest in the footage from the ‘long shot’ camera.

The ring was only visible for a second or so but is Blue YS. Thanks to Paul for preparing this image.

YS prepares to depart (c) Forestry Commission England

YS prepares to depart
(c) Forestry Commission England

He is one of three 2013 fledglings from a nest near Murthly in Perthshire and was ringed on 13 July 2013 by Keith Brockie.

One of his siblings has also been seen this August on a Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust reserve, Dolydd Hafren. Here is the Dyfi Osprey Project report about YU.

It is excellent news to have sightings of two 2 year old ospreys from a nest of three returning to the UK. We hope YS was sustained by his free lunch from Kielder!

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One Response to More on Monday’s ringed intruder

  1. Cirrus says:

    how exciting – you must be so encouraged – safe journeys to all migrating Ospreys wlhen they leave us

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