Osprey Watch Report: 2 August 2015

Here’s Sunday’s Report:-

Early morning rain had eased by 10.00, and although the day remained overcast with threatening clouds, it remained dry till we left at 17.00, when the rain returned. That was lucky! And fairly midge free.

85 visitors saw a steady coming and going of adults and young on both nests, with birds usually showing on one of the screens most of the day, and the young being fed still by their parents.

VY is eating from the remains of one fish, VP from a slightly larger remnant (c) Forestry Commission England

VY is eating from the remains of one fish, VP from a slightly larger remnant
(c) Forestry Commission England

Visitors were the usual mix of first timers and seasoned osprey watchers, as well as folks who lived around the Chilterns and for whom Red Kites were garden birds! One couple from that area were keen to add Bee Eaters to their “daylist” by going on to the viewpoint at Brampton which they hadn’t realised was so close.

However, treats were in store for those watching our Ospreys mid afternoon, when one bird flew close by “down” towards the dam, then returned to repeat the show, jinking in flight as if it was going to fish right in front of us. Eventually, after returning a third time, some visitors called out that one had just taken a fish and headed off in the direction of Nest 2! (And I was in the hut at the time!) Interesting.

We had just had a fantastic display of stunning views, with a Buzzard close by as well, and Siskins calling overhead.

There were lots of smiling faces among our visitors today, as they took away memories of a great session.

Tim, David and Neil

Nestcam analysis showed 37 brought a fish to Nest 2 at 14.24 so it could well have been him the fortunate visitors saw with a fish in Leaplish Bay.

The juveniles are quite capable of feeding themselves but as the Report says are equally happy to be fed by (nearly always) the female.

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