7H – out and about a lot!

The last 7H update on 11 July described her starting to show some interest in the river mouth rather than far upriver where she had travelled quite often during the previous few weeks. Since 11 July she hasn’t been much further upriver than the ‘loops’ area but has spent significant time hunting near the river mouth. And she has roosted in what used to be a favourite spot near there although only for one night. This behaviour at a time dominant adults will not have returned after breeding reinforces the view that her foraging  further upriver in Spring resulted from migratory fish movements, not the departure of other ospreys.

7H has been to the ‘irrigation area’ about 25 km to the SW several times in the last couple of weeks. Google Earth has updated the satellite imagery and now we can really see why she likes it there when her fixes are plotted on Google Earth. This close up is from 19 July. You can see at the bottom it states the image was taken on 2 June.

A popular place for 7H at the moment

A popular place for 7H at the moment

When she heads off for that area she usually flies high. This elevation graphic by Paul shows her trip on 28 July.

Flying high

Flying high

For much of her ‘out’ leg she flew at over 250m ASL, over 400m a couple of times, hence the bouncing! On the return trip she wasn’t quite as high most of the time but still reached over 400m ASL again.

This was a very busy day even by 7H standards! She didn’t leave for the irrigation area until nearly 14.00 UTC and at that point had already flown for over 200 minutes up and down the river. Here is her day until she set out SW.

7H until just before 14.00

7H until just before 14.00

It was the night of 27 July that she roosted near the river rather than 8 km away so clearly she had energy to burn the next morning!

Since 28 July she has been much quieter whilst still clocking up more flying hours than most young ospreys at this stage in their lives. This is 29 July.

The river mouth first, bottom loop later

The river mouth first, bottom loop later

Her current range is quite well reflected in the image, although there is usually a more even spread between foraging near the river mouth and near the bottom loop and the ‘ears’.

A super animation by Paul shows 7H’s daily activity during July. This medium highlights so well her high flying, her range and her high levels of activity so many thanks to Paul for the hours spent developing this animation. Enjoy!7H play button

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