Osprey Watch Report: 11 July 2015. And a couple of other bits

Here’s today’s Report from the team:-

Warm dry and breezy – and no midges !!

The view through the scopes was good all day but no birds were seen fishing on the reservoir.

On arrival the live feeds were working and continued to work all day. The chicks on Nest 1 were active, preening and stretching while those on Nest 2 were having a late fish breakfast – fed by mum.

Mrs 37 is still feeding the chicks (c) Forestry Commission England

Mrs 37 is still feeding the chicks
(c) Forestry Commission England

Just before lunch Mrs YA made a couple of visits then left the chicks searching through the moss and sticks. Blue VP found the tail end of a fish which she ate ignoring her sister. VY made little practice jumps. While on Nest 2 Mrs 37 was seen feeding her two chicks.

Around 12.35 Mrs YA proceeded to eat from a part fish on the nest. The chicks took no interest in the fish and she made no attempt to feed them.

Mrs YA tucks in (c) Forestry Commission England

Mrs YA tucks in
(c) Forestry Commission England

During the afternoon Mrs YA and YA brought in more moss and twigs and Mrs YA did a bit of re-arranging of the nest. During most of the afternoon the chicks were left alone giving them plenty of room to move the bark and twigs around and to stretch and preen. The nest is developing a light covering of fluffy white down as a result. Blue VP continued to find bits of fish to eat while Blue VY made more little jumps – some of them, to the consternation of watching visitors, rather close to the edge of the nest.

In all we estimated that we had around 80 visitors, the majority in the afternoon. Our visitors included a Dutch couple and a lady originally from Minorca who now volunteers at the Dyfi Osprey Project run by Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust who spent much of the day with us. We also had several family groups so we made several Osprey pencil holders with the children, one of whom insisted on making 2 (one for him and one for his teacher). The oldest person to make a pencil holder was a man of 77 who proudly handed the complete holder to his wife to look after.

A good day and lots of keen and very interested visitors who seemed to really appreciate the scopes, the live streaming, the information and activities.

Ian, Tim and Margaret

The youngsters on all three nests are making steady progress. Here is a video from Nest 3 downloads; the male VN is either camera shy or doesn’t do much other than eat and doze!N3 playThis short clip shows VY yesterday, making a little hop or two as she gains confidence.

The Nest 1 youngsters are leading the way. Even though VP is roughly the same age as VS on Nest 2 she has been able to eat without help for several days. And VY is the most accomplished flap/hop/almost jump bird. Although last year on Nest 1 the first fledge wasn’t the most promising looking nestling!

By next weekend at least some of the chicks should be fledglings. We wish them safe first flights and so much more.

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3 Responses to Osprey Watch Report: 11 July 2015. And a couple of other bits

  1. Karen Elizabeth says:

    Lovely blog and clips. Good to see them trying out their wings and hops.

  2. Natalia Mascaro says:

    Thank you Ian, Tim and Margaret! for making me so welcome and sharing your knowledge with me I had a fantastic day. You have a lovely setup and do and excellent job at informing the visitors about this beautiful birds. I’d be great to welcome you at the Dyfi one day!!
    The lady from Menorca XX

    • joannadailey says:

      A very different experience at Kielder to Dyfi with the wonderful Observatory, Natalia! We’re all glad you enjoyed your time here.

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