Migration update: from overview to close up view

Paul Wildlifewriter has prepared a new animation showing how 7H’s foraging range has altered over the April – June period. It gives a clear insight into the shift upriver – fascinating stuff. We are most grateful for the hours Paul spent developing it.paul animation play

Now for the close up view, or views. What has 7H done so far in July? Well she has packed some variety into her days although not in new areas. On 4, 6 and 10 July she has been well upriver and sitting at the bottom of a cliff by a midstream island.

7H on 6 July

7H on 6 July

Most days she has only been to the first area of loops upriver from the mouth. But on 9 July she went almost to the river mouth for the first time in a couple of weeks and spent around 2.5 hours flying during the day overall.

7H puts in her flying hours

7H puts in her flying hours

That still leaves a lot of time for sitting and pylons do still feature although at night she roosts in trees.

UV in the very far north of Senegal hasn’t been away from the Langue de Barbarie since his mid June foray to the mainland. On many days there are no fixes offshore – this is partly because of his reduced activity but also cloudier conditions at times resulting in longer gaps between fixes for more of the day.

On consecutive days last week there were a good number of fixes and UV flew to sea and over the lagoon.

5 July

5 July

And on the next day there were more flights over the lagoon in addition to two to sea.

6 June

6 June

He almost reached the mainland! He continues to seem very settled, sitting on the beach or in the mangroves most of the time. But the rainy season has arrived so will his behaviour change? We’ll finish where we began with thanks to Paul who provided the weather graphic below for 8-9 July. UV is just south of St Louis.rainy season


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3 Responses to Migration update: from overview to close up view

  1. Thank you Joanna and Paul for your assiduous tracking and reporting.

  2. Tiger Mozone says:

    Wonderful animation. Certainly developing new scientific tools which should find many uses in the future.

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