Osprey Watch Report: 8 July 2015

The weather was mostly overcast with steady rain till lunchtime but brighter intervals during the afternoon. More rain followed before another bright spell, then after five, torrential rain started and I was left wondering how Margaret managed on the evening cruise!!

The conditions were perfect for the midges, and they performed perfectly – we wish we had had a tame swift!

Visitor numbers were low, only about fifty, with hardly a soul before lunch.
Interestingly, there was a group of RSPB “donors” with staff, who were in the north-east looking at seabirds, but had diverted from the Bass Rock to Kielder because of poor sea conditions off North Berwick. They were mostly involved with the Albatross Task Force, a Birdlife International/RSPB project to advise fishing companies in the Southern Oceans how to avoid catching petrels and albatrosses on fishing lines. Real success is now being reported in mitigation measures and populations are starting to show signs of recovery after ten years of hard work.

Then the rain stopped and our Osprey nest re-appeared out of the murk. Today, we saw no fish being brought in, and one failed dive for fish, so we think the chicks were fed earlier in the day, as some morsels were being passed to the chicks when we arrived.

The Nest 1 “feed” worked fine and gave visitors a great experience. As well as the group, the trickle of visitors were, as usual, fascinated by the project. A couple from Essex had been to the Northumberland coast on a previous visit, but this year were staying in Bellingham for a week and started off with visiting Osprey Watch, seeing Ospreys for the first time in the UK.

Tim, Don and Margaret

Tim is right about the earlier feed; there were two part fish on the nest when streaming began. Just before 17.30 YA brought a whole trout for the family. So they didn’t go short!

In this image VY takes a large morsel from Mrs YA.

VY gets ready for a juicy mouthful (c) Forestry Commission England

VY gets ready for a juicy mouthful
(c) Forestry Commission England

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