Osprey Watch Report: 5 July 2015

Third post of the day! Here is Lynda’s account of Osprey Watch:-

Unlike yesterday, the weather at Kielder today was better than expected. In fact, it was good enough to encourage the midges to join us in numbers for most of the Watch.

We arrived to find a lady already in the cabin excitedly studying the photos in the folder. The monitor was showing Nest 2, good news.

We set up the tripods and telescopes and had a steady supply of visitors. By the end of the day, we had recorded almost a hundred visitors. Some were involved with the sporting events mentioned in yesterday’s report and a cycle marathon, but most seemed to be visiting Kielder for the day or staying for a few days. We advertised the Wednesday Osprey Cruises, particularly to those staying longer.

We had a very keen craft table for some time, making Osprey pencil or pen holders. Some were made by our younger visitors but several adults were tempted to join in too. Well done all.

When setting up the scopes, I thought I saw at least 3 Ospreys flying around above the nest but I didn’t have time to stop and watch them. However, several times during the day, we saw this again with one or two intruders being escorted away from the nest by YA. In the early afternoon, Joanna (who joined us for most of the Watch) spotted an Osprey, with a large fish, on the other side of the reservoir. It displayed the fish magnificently, flying round with it for a long time, as though it was showing what a good fisherman he is. He didn’t seem to head for any of the nests so we presume it was one of the non-breeding Ospreys. Watch out for Joanna’s photo!

Without the benefit of the monitor showing Nest 1 footage, we couldn’t be sure of what was happening on the nest but we did see some bobbing of heads, and in the mid-afternoon, around 3.30pm, an adult arrived and there seemed to be the kind of activity associated with feeding the chicks so we assume a fish was brought in. Throughout the day, both adults spent significant amounts of time on various trees around the nest. It must be getting a bit crowded on the nest!

Lynda, Joe and Joanna

The fish carrying osprey is difficult to identify from the quite distant shots, zoomed as far as possible below. YA has a tail feather missing and this Osprey seemed to have an intact tail. But was there a white ring, perhaps? On the lookout for the Lake District’s Number 14 we wondered if it was him – particularly because he circled very high with the catch, maybe up to 200m or so, rather than head for a nest. But from other photos no tracker was visible on the osprey’s back. The jury is out!

A reasonable catch (c) Joanna Dailey

A reasonable catch
(c) Joanna Dailey

The tail doesn't seem to be missing a feather (c) Joanna Dailey

The tail doesn’t seem to be missing a feather
(c) Joanna Dailey

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