Osprey Watch Report: 4 July 2015 and a bit more on Nest 2

Here’s yesterday’s Report:-

Rain stopped play….

Horrendous weather on the way to the office, flooded roads and all, easing off as we approached Kielder. The far side of the reservoir was shrouded in clouds and mist. No one was around but a few hardy fishermen.

We checked the screen and there was no live feed just recordings. As the morning progressed the rain stopped to be replaced by clouds of midges; as the weather looked uncertain we only put a couple of scopes up.

Our first visitor was a guy who was participating in the triathlon on Sunday. He also informed us of the Ironman event that starts at 6am tomorrow morning – a couple of mile swim, 120 mile cycle ride and a run around the reservoir. Sadly it was too late for David and myself to get a entry form….. never mind there’s always next year.

As the day wore on and the weather improved slowly our visitors increased but nothing really to see, we chatted and directed them to the Castle and other viewpoints. One returning couple informed us of three separate sightings near the dam wall. The sun finally broke through the clouds and good breeze to keep our unwelcome midges away. A few visitors were able to see a little activity through the scopes. We assumed a fish had been delivered as there was a lot of head bobbing and dad sat in the tree to the left on a lower branch.

An average amount of visitors – about 50 – and very generous too by the amount we heard going into the buckets. A big thank you to the little girl in the pink wellies and tiara who ran all the way back to put money in the bucket. (When looking through the scope she told her mum she could see the Ostriches)

Good luck to all in the Ironman and Triathlon events.

David and Dave

The feed from Nest 2 was working at Kielder Castle Cafe, although mostly the chicks slept!

There was a period of wing flapping by both chicks, but mainly Chick 1, just before 14.00. Here is one effort.

There were two fish deliveries recorded by the nestcam at opposite ends of the day. The second, at 16.51, was still being eaten when streaming stopped. There were regular breaks though!

Mrs 37 gets ready for a prolonged feeding session (c) Forestry Commission England

Mrs 37 gets ready for a prolonged feeding session
(c) Forestry Commission England

There was no sign of Lake District Project Number 14 (his ring is white with black letters) on the Nest 2 cam nor on footage from Nest 3. Perhaps one of the sightings near the dam was him, or more likely he has moved through. We’re still watching for him though!

Our thanks to the Lake District Project for this image of him on Thursday afternoon. He was on the River Tyne and less than 15 miles to the dam at Kielder Water.

Image courtesy of the Lake District Project

Image courtesy of the Lake District Project

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