Osprey Watch Report: 28 June 2015

Yesterday’s Osprey Watch Report:-

We arrived in the rain, but were delighted to find the Nest 1 camera was working well. Two damp chicks were apparently sleeping peacefully with Mrs YA in attendance. Half an hour later Mrs YA flew off. The wet chicks spent some time stretching their wings (now of a most impressive length), before settling back down in their damp nest. Mrs YA came back a couple of times in the next half an hour, bringing in a couple of twigs and adjusting the nest a bit. We saw no sign of YA. Thick clouds were completely blanketing the area, and we were unable to see the far side of the lake, to see if he was anywhere around, or sitting in his favourite tree. By 12.30pm there was still no sign of YA, and Mrs YA spent about ten minutes sitting on the far side of the nest from the camera pole, and was seen to be shouting. Because there had been no delivery of a fish in all the time we had been watching, we suspected that the shouts may have had something to do with the absence of a delivery of fish! The connection for Nest 1 dropped off soon after this so we switched to Nest 2 and saw the two chicks sitting up and preening.

At one o’clock the rain stopped and we were able to see the other side of Kielder Water. We set up two scopes outside. We were able to watch Nest 1 via the nestcam again for a while, and noticed that one of the chicks stood for a short while firmly on two feet, whereas they had both been shuffling around the nest on their flattened lower limbs earlier on.

Easier to see over the edge on your feet! (c) Forestry Commission England

Easier to see over the edge on your feet!
(c) Forestry Commission England

Then the other chick stood up on its feet as well. Were we watching their first steps? There was much preening and thrashing of wings – good for drying out and for the developing wing muscles. We did not see a fish brought in to the nest either via the cam or by watching on the scopes, although we could see YA in his favourite tree, and for a while an adult was on top of the camera pole.

Nest 2’s fish delivery came in at around two o’clock and the chicks were well fed and spent the rest of the day not moving very much at all, apart from stretching a leg out, or a wing. We noticed that the unhatched egg was still in the nest, just near where the chicks were basking. Some of the time both parents were in attendance, but the chicks were left on their own quite a lot too. It was certainly not a cold day, in spite of the early rain and mist.

We had over 60 visitors, who were really interested in our birds. One family came in thinking that the cameras were on an owl’s nest, but we talked to them about the ospreys, and they spent a long time looking through the scopes and going backwards and forwards between the scopes and the cabin, asking questions and getting excited about what they were learning. A good day at Osprey Watch.

Cath, John and Gillie


Nest 1 had eaten before Osprey Watch started. One of the chicks was considering helping Mrs YA with the last bit!

I could swallow that! (c) Forestry Commission England

I could swallow that!
(c) Forestry Commission England

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4 Responses to Osprey Watch Report: 28 June 2015

  1. thehutts says:

    What is that wet greenery in front of the lens Joanna? I was asked in the cafe yesterday. Is it the birch sappling I thought I spotted on the nest edge a few weeks ago? Sally

  2. joannadailey says:

    It is creeping corydalis on the left hand side but I don’t know what is at the very front. It is what you thought was birch or is in the exact spot. You’d better bring one of your botany books next weekend, Sally!

  3. Karen Elizabeth says:

    Good to hear that the cabin is coming into its own already. The chicks have changed so much since we were there!

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