Osprey Watch Report: 27 June 2015

Apart from a very short piece of footage yesterday the Nest 1 cameras haven’t streamed to Leaplish or Kielder Castle Café. The Forestry Commission Radio and Electronics Branch are working hard to resolve this. But the Report from the Osprey Watch team today gives a good flavour of Nest 1 events:-

“After setting up at Leaplish we waited for the rush of visitors we expected on a fine Saturday morning; no rush happened. We had a few visitors am and almost none across lunchtime. It was so quiet we could hear the rabbits eating! We spent much of this time trying, and failing, to get the Nest 1 camera feed to work. It stayed unconnected all day, however, the Nest 2 feed was as solid as a rock and showed visitors many domestic details of Osprey family life.

There was much flapping activity on Nest 1 as we set up the scopes; at least 2 adults were seen on the nest with both of them flapping wings briskly. One bird was seen flying off and things settled down. Thereafter, YA was perched in his usual tree, until we saw another osprey circling over his nest. YA obviously saw it too as he took off and appeared to guard his own nest by circling for several minutes. Could the earlier “flapping” activity indicate an interloper?

Meanwhile Nest 2 had a fish which fed the chicks until sated.

37 delivers what the chicks want! (c) Forestry Commission England

37 delivers what the chicks want!
(c) Forestry Commission England

The unhatched egg was clearly visible as was the fact that all Nest 2 occupants ignored it. The chicks preened, Mrs 37 brought a few twigs and 37 joined them several times.

Many more visitors arrived in the afternoon, several of whom reported osprey sightings at the Dam and one couple said they had seen one on Derwent reservoir. In mid-afternoon we were concerned to see 2 buzzards flying directly across the water from Leaplish, but YA was not sufficiently impressed to leave his tree perch. There was more flying activity around Nest 1. Mrs YA flew backwards and forwards and YA flew off towards the Dam, and we believe came back later with a fish.

By now, the birds on Nest 2 were showing signs of being hungry. As it was packing up time, all 3 volunteers were in the cabin and were surprised when a large trout was dropped onto the nest. 37 then perched on the camera and partly obscured our view of the feeding by placing his tail feathers over the lens. A last minute excitement to round off a lovely day spent in the company of interested visitors.

The weather was fine with sunshine on Nest 1 giving some excellent views and a breeze keeping the midges away (although they do like our new cabin!!)

NB There was much wasp activity around the front left hand corner of the ramp deck; we guess they may be starting a nest there or trying to find suitable wood fibres to build a nest elsewhere. Watch your ankles if you using the scope nearest to the fence!

Christine, Joyce and Ian

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2 Responses to Osprey Watch Report: 27 June 2015

  1. Christine Rawson says:

    Have just observed an osprey hunt and catch a fish on Hallington Reservoir at 8.40 pm 7/7/15

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks for that information, Christine, and what a great experience for you. Could you see if the osprey was ringed?

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