A bit of roaming from both 7H and UV!

In the last week both 7H and UV have roamed – albeit very modestly in UV’s case. Since his arrival at the Langue de Barbarie in late April he hadn’t explored the mainland. Until …

… on 23 June the day started normally with UV leaving his overnight roost, probably fishing during the early morning when there are few fixes, then sitting in a favourite spot in the trees by 09.33 UTC. The next fix at 10.07 showed him flying over the mainland shore and the next two were over the east edge of a lake in the Guembeul  Natural Reserve.

UV's first excursion inland

UV’s first excursion inland

UV then perched by a tributary of the Senegal River before flying higher than he has done for a while before heading back to base at low altitude.

This image shows his activity over the whole day.

UV range on 23 June

UV range on 23 June

So not a long trip, probably about 20 km in total depending how much he meandered on the outward leg, but still a first for him since settling on the Langue de Barbarie. Mostly he has a few flights off shore or over the lagoon but mainly just sits in the trees or on the beach. Here is a typical recent ‘fairly busy’day.

21 June: UV's range

21 June: UV’s range

In Morocco 7H continues to travel much further than UV every day. On 24 June she visited the port of Jorf Lasfar for the first time since 1 April. This elevation graphic from Paul shows well how she flies high over land.

7H returns briefly to Jorf Lasfar

7H returns briefly to Jorf Lasfar

This was a particularly busy day for her. By 06.57 she was flying towards the river and was hunting around 07.30 before sitting in agricultural land for just under 30 minutes. Then she was off and soon climbed to 974m ASL. She spent 50 minutes at the irrigation area – somewhere she visits every few days – before moving on to Jorf Lasfor where she flew over the northern end of the docks.

7H flying at the docks

7H flying at the docks

After returning via El Jadida 7H sat near her roost before spending the later afternoon down near the river loops. These still form her main hunting range as this image from 20 June demonstrates.

7H hunting around the loops on 20 June

7H hunting around the loops on 20 June

Recently 7H has occasionally travelled along the coast early in the morning before heading upriver. On 23 June she also visited old haunts – her main roost from her first few months at Azemmour where she sat for a time, the river mouth to hunt and the beach to the east side to sit.

23 June: 7H visits old haunts

23 June: 7H visits old haunts

Then it was down to the loops!

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