Ospreyholics Holiday to Kielder

A guest blog from Karen Elizabeth who made a trip to Kielder at the beginning of the month with her friend Hawys.  Their visit just happened to coincide with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Osprey Watch Volunteer Season Induction/Work Meet.

Visit to Kielder Thursday 4th June 2015.

It hardly seems possible that our visit was over two weeks ago already. Now we are both back in our respective homes. Desk slaves all week and our wonderful holiday is like a distant dream. Anyway, I thought I would share my photos of our day at Kielder Forest where we visited Joanna Dailey and the osprey volunteer team.

First at Leaplish where we met everyone initially. There was quite a lot of excitement as the new wooden information and storage building had been put up. Scopes were out and we were invited to look through them to the osprey nest. We were very lucky that the male was perched in view and even did a little fly about for us. Everyone was so very welcoming and friendly. We had a good chat about all things osprey and other wildlife topics. We were impressed by the dedication and commitment of everyone there and the way they all worked so well together.  A lot of thought had gone into ways of creating a really good visitor experience. I loved the little wooden osprey making kits. Aimed at children but us adults were finding them quite entertaining. There was also a place for wheelchair users to view the nest from and the team were working on positioning a scope at the right height.

Later in the cafe at Kielder Castle Joanna showed us all three nests on the live screen and we chatted about the season so far.

We finished with a very pleasant stroll in the forest and some quiet time in the Bakethin bird watching hide which Joanna kindly directed us to. It was a wonderful day but too short. We will definitely have to visit again one day. Thanks to all at Kielder for making our day very special.

Thank you to Karen Elizabeth for her thanks and for allowing us to share her Kielder experience on the blog.  Sally Hutt (Kielder Blog Administrator)

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7 Responses to Ospreyholics Holiday to Kielder

  1. Tiger Mozone says:

    That was a really good blog Karen. It really brings the whole experience of visiting Kielder osprey project alive. I myself have visited twice.

    Such a wonderful ospreys and such hugely dedicated people

  2. Great blog and very interesting photos too.

  3. Chloe Baker says:

    Lovely blog and photos Karen, thank you. Brings back happy memories. As Tiger says, we have been to Kielder twice so far and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Looking forward to seeing the new Ospreywatch setup at Leaplish next time.

    Apart from the ospreys, Kielder Forest Park covers a huge area of unspoilt natural beauty and is well worth a visit. So much to see and do.

    Congratulations to all at Kielder Osprey Project (and to the Forestry Commission of course), you do a magnificent job.

  4. Mary D says:

    Really nice blog about your visit Karen. Thanks for sharing your photos of the area.

  5. Starling says:

    Thank you Karen. I have never been to Kielder, so thank you for sharing your experience along with great photos.

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