Highs and lows!

It is a month since an update on UV. At that time he had moved from near the centre of the Grand Côte to the very far north of Senegal and was based on the Langue de Barbarie, a spit of land just south of St Louis at the estuary of the Senegal River. UV is still there and is as settled as he has ever been since he migrated.

UV first visited the Langue at the end of January when he arrived in Senegal. He returned there for short stays in February and early April. It may be that he always wanted to settle there but the presence of large numbers of adult migratory birds could have sent him south – although the Grand Côte is also an important overwintering area. We may get more evidence in September when the migrators return.

He spends his days either in the centre of the mangroves or else sitting on the beach with a few trips mainly to sea but occasionally over the lagoon. Here is quite a busy day!

17 June - UV sits around most of the day

17 June – UV sits around most of the day but does have a few flights

On 14 June the effects of the Harmattan were evident in the atmosphere as this graphic from Paul shows.

20150614 dust plumes Senegal

It didn’t seem to make much difference to UV although the number of fixes reduced because of the lower level of charging of the solar panel.

16 June saw UV’s furthest travel in a while.

A small excursion!

A small excursion!

The ‘low’ in the title refers to UV. Low mileage, low altitude when flying (100m ASL is a rarity) and low levels of activity.

In contrast 7H in Morocco flies high and covers quite a few km most days. Here is an image of a quiet day where she went from her current favourite roost area (near the pylons she used to use) to the river where it starts to loop and up to the weir. The straight line distance from her roost to the weir is about 12.5 km.

A fairly 'average' day for 7H

12 JUne: a fairly ‘average’ day for 7H

The following day she made this trip, covering 108 km in the day, apparently just because she could! Thanks again to Paul for another graphic.

7H flies high and far

7H flies high and far

She caught a thermal soon after setting off then flew low along the coast but did not appear to hunt at the end of her journey before heading back, again at a high altitude for part of the way.

She has also made another visit to the irrigated area SW of Azemmour and been upriver occasionally. A couple of times in the last week or so she has fished at sea which is quite unusual for her in recent months. But she has also gone upriver to the area featured in Paul’s wonderful animation, which was posted on her birthday, 7 June.

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