Kielder Osprey Watch 2015

Saturday 13 June is the first day for the 2015 season of Kielder Osprey Watch at Leaplish Waterside Park. Initially it will operate at weekends but Wednesdays will be added in July and run until the chicks at Nest 1 fledge. Manned telescopes give views of Nest 1 over on the north shore. Although almost 2 miles visitors enjoy seeing the ospreys with their own eyes and there is a live nestcam too in a new building. For more on that over to Joyce, one of the most experienced NWT volunteers.

With our grateful thanks to Northumbrian Water the Osprey Watch volunteers now have a new, long awaited Osprey Watch cabin!! Gone forever are the days of having to stand outside getting soaked, sunburned or blown away. We were all gathered together on a Training Day to discuss the practicalities of this season’s Osprey Watch and that was when we were told about our new cabin….the excitement was palpable!! We had the task of taking all our gear from disparate places and vans and re-housing it in our new cabin. A great example of teamwork ensued and miraculously all the equipment and paperwork was stored almost invisibly in the new storage-cum-seating area so our lovely new cabin looked as pristine at the end as it did before we started. It was decided to put us into small teams and tasks were allocated. We all took proud ownership of our task in hand and busied ourselves for the afternoon scrubbing, cleaning windows, drilling, sawing, assembling and dismantling as well as putting up new signs and creating a viewing platform for disabled users – it was a hive of activity all afternoon with no one complaining – we were all just happy to have our brand spanking new cabin! Kielder Osprey Watch HQ is born!

Children will be able to make their own osprey pencil holder! (c) Joanna Dailey

Children will be able to make their own osprey pencil holder!
(c) Joanna Dailey

At the end of the session each team exhibited their completed task and explained to the whole group the new associated procedures – a huge undertaking had turned into a fun session for us all. You can see by the smiles in the pictures that the Kielder Osprey volunteers are very happy to be the proud owners of their very own cabin.. and now we are all raring to start our first public opening day!

Kielder Osprey Watch HQ and occupants! (Kelly Hollings)

Kielder Osprey Watch HQ
and occupants!
(Kelly Hollings)

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6 Responses to Kielder Osprey Watch 2015

  1. thehutts says:

    Well done to the team – looking forward to seeing all the hard work and may even get a chance to call in after work on Sunday. Sally

  2. Margaret Bird - Osprey Volunteer says:

    Well done everyone – sorry not to be able to be there but I will be there in July and August as a volunteer to help inform visitors and to assist them in using the scopes.

    Can’t wait – it looks great!

  3. Greg sanders says:

    excellent news- look forward to visiting!

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