Come fly with me!

7H is one year old today!

7H in February, found by Pip and Vic (c) Vic Paine

7H in February, found by Pip and Vic
(c) Vic Paine

She has packed quite a few adventures into her life so far, starting with roosting on a ship heading for Europe when crossing the Bay of Biscay so she had to more or less fly over it again the next day. She has chosen overwintering grounds in Morocco, previously unrecorded as a UK destination, and has explored quite widely around her ‘home’ patch in comparison with most juveniles. Currently she heads upriver about 32 km several days a week to fish. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fly around with her? Well we almost can, thanks to groundbreaking work by Paul Wildlifewriter. Click on the image below and prepare for a stunning view of what 7H sees. Animation

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8 Responses to Come fly with me!

  1. Tiger Mozone says:

    This is a truly wonderful animation. It really gives a great feeling of what it is like to be an osprey flying over the landscape in Morocco.

    A real masterpiece.

  2. thehutts says:

    Happy Birthday 7H and thanks to Paul for all his ground breaking work on the animations! Sally

  3. joannadailey says:

    Thanks for the comments, Paul has done something very special. I had a hint of what it would show and was eagerly anticipating; it was breathtaking to see the results.

  4. Joyce Rawlings says:

    Happy Birthday 7H!! X

  5. Joyce Rawlings says:

    Wow – amazing video!!!

  6. didactylobs says:

    That needs a wider audience to appreciate the level of information being gathered by this process. Brilliant work!

    • thehutts says:

      Couldn’t agree more – the work of Paul and Joanna with the tracking data needs to be published as a scientific paper but who will fund such work? Paul and Joanna do all this work as volunteers. I know Joanna is at full stretch at the moment with the breeding season monitoring and didn’t have a winter off this year. As ever we are in her debt and now Paul’s as well. Sally

  7. Cirrus says:

    Really super, many thanks to Paul for doing this. And yes, Happy Birthay 7H you precious bird.

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