The second day for chick 1

Mrs YA did a good job protecting the chick overnight; it was wet and very chilly in the  evening especially. Today has been a day of sharp and blustery showers in between sunshine. The Nest 1 parents have done a good job with regular small feeds for the chick.

The first feed captured on camera was at just before 10.00, but doubtless it had snacked earlier. YA was often present on the nest when the chick ate. At about 11.30 he was testing Mrs YA’s patience a bit though, wafting a stick around.

That was one of several near misses. For the next feed a couple of hours later YA kept his distance.

YA on the edge, watching as ever (c) Forestry Commission England

YA on the edge, watching as ever
(c) Forestry Commission England

A couple of hours later when Mrs YA was busy helping herself before feeding the chick YA sneaked behind her to try and give the chick a morsel still on his beak.

Last night too YA had shown interest in feeding the chick – normally the female likes to keep control for the first few days and some males do not test that. But both YA and 37 have fed their young early in previous years.

Here is a video of the highlights of yesterday for chick 1.


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