A couple of bits and pieces

There shouldn’t be another egg on Nests 1 and 2 today (that’s tempting fate) so this post has a few bits of ‘catch up’ news.

First, on 13 April an unringed intruder had the temerity to land on Nest 1. Here is a video of the event.

Blue UY after having her ring attached (c) Keith Brockie

Blue UY after having her ring attached
(c) Keith Brockie

Then on 16 April a  left leg blue ringed bird flew past Nest 1; frame by frame viewing of the brief incident showed the letters as UY. Blue UY is a Perthshire 2011 born female. Keith Brockie kindly supplied details from ringing and a great photo of a feisty looking chick (click to enlarge). Not much time to compare then and now in the video below!



There have been intruder incidents on Nest 2 also, but not even an unringed leg has been seen on the nestcam.

Another blue ringed female of especial interest to Kielder is Blue 35. Regular readers will remember that she is the first Kielder born osprey that has bred (as far as we know). She and a Lake District male raised three young last year at Foulshaw Moss in Cumbria. This year Cumbria Wildlife Trust will be live streaming from a nestcam. Here are a few images of her from this year; many thanks to CWT for supplying them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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