UV continues exploring

We left UV back at base on 9 April after a mini-break to the Langue de Barbarie in the far north of Senegal.

Regular readers won’t be surprised to learn that he has been ‘out and about’ again, not north but down to just past the furthest point in Senegal that he has been before – the southern end of the Grande Côte near Dakar.

On 10 April he had been in his home range but a bit busier than normal with around half an hour of constant flying in large circles round the inland area he uses in the day. On 11 April he went to the mining area near Darou, but instead of flying back to the coast he headed SW. This graphic from Paul may show the trigger.

The Harmattan arrives

The Harmattan arrives

The Harmattan is a dry and dusty wind generated inland. UV may have decided to head down the coast to try and escape the worst of it, although it is an annoyance more than a threat to ospreys. He started to fly toward the coast in mid morning but didn’t set off southwards until 11.23 GMT. His flight was just off shore, at under 110m ASL altitude, and quite fast – over 55 kph much of the way – assisted by the strengthening tailwind no doubt.

This image shows his overall travel on 11 April, around 125 km.

UV heads south west

UV heads south west

When he neared Dakar he explored inland a bit.

UV explores Lac Mbeubeuss

UV explores Lac Mbeubeuss

Although Google Earth names the lake as Retba that is further north, overflown by UV on his return from this trip. UV was at Lac Mbeubeuss which will have a better fish supply than Lac Retba, also known as Lac Rose. Here is an image of one of the ‘dwarf fish’ at Retba. Not worth the effort of a plunge! Thanks to Paul for finding the photo.

UV stayed by the lake all afternoon with a couple of trips to sea thrown in. Then after being offshore at 16.00 he headed inland before roosting east of Kayar.

On 12 April as the effects of the Harmattan reduced UV left the coastal area in the afternoon and returned home via the mining area.

UV travels back to his 'home'

UV travels back to his ‘home’

But he still retained his wanderlust and on 14 April he was back north of Rutland Osprey Project 30(05)’s wintering area.

Off again on 14 April

Off again on 14 April

The last e-mail yesterday lunchtime showed UV meandering slowly south again. You can’t say he is boring to follow!

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