FLASH!! Exciting news – Kielder born Blue 1H visits granny!

Great news from Glaslyn Ospreys today.

Blue 1H, a female born on Nest 2 at Kielder in 2012 landed on the perch next to the Glaslyn nest this morning. Her grandmother ‘moved her on’ in Glaslyn’s words!

Many thanks to BGGW for informing us and allowing us to post their screen grab. Doesn’t she look well?

Blue 1H at Glaslyn (c) BGGW

Blue 1H at Glaslyn
(c) BGGW

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8 Responses to FLASH!! Exciting news – Kielder born Blue 1H visits granny!

  1. Joyce Rawlings says:

    Great news!!

  2. Starling says:


  3. KEITH ROGERS says:

    Fantastic News – We are now seeing so many of Kielder born birds returning.
    Even though we knew 1H made it to Northern Senegal it is also fantastic that both fledged chicks from Nest 2 returned safely back to UK. I understand 2H seen around Co Durham last summer. Not many do this and spotted in UK.

    • joannadailey says:

      Out of 37 and the Nest 2 female’s four fledged chicks 2011-2012 three have been seen in the UK now. A reflection of the Glaslyn genes, methinks!!

      • KEITH ROGERS says:

        I forgot about Blue 38. A good return for this female 3 out of 4 came back to UK. Yes – Me also thinks a reflection of Glaslyn so look forward to the returns from 2013 brood of three from this nest.

  4. thehutts says:

    Lovely photo and news. Brings tears to my eyes. I hope Granny gets a new or old mate soon. Sally

  5. Vivien Finn says:

    So delighted that Blue 1H graced the Glaslyn nest with her presence. You have a great record of success with returning young at Kielder, and long may it continue. Still hoping a male will turn up at Glaslyn for our female, it would be wonderful were it to be 11(98) I/we do miss him. For now though I’ll rejoice at the return of another Kielder chick and Glaslyn grand-chick. I hope she drops in on you at Kielder.

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