White EB must like it at Kielder!

Yesterday we posted a video where the Darvic ring of an intruder was too blurred to read. Frustrating, we thought.

But all was not lost, because whilst the footage was being downloaded the intruder made a brief and unseen landing. This was only noticed later when reviewing videos.

The ring was clearly visible and the osprey is old friend White EB who landed at Kielder last Spring and kept 37 entertained before his mate returned.

She was born in the Tweed Valley in 2007 and nested successfully there in 2010; we have no more details on her until her appearance at Kielder last year. It would seem she is still searching for a mate. Here is the video of her second landing on Nest 1;  that is where she met 37 last year although by the following day she was with him on Nest 2.

As you can see, Mrs YA was keen to let White EB know there are no vacancies on THIS nest!

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