Mating and mantling

It was a quiet morning at Kielder on Tuesday. No osprey was visible on either nest until on Nest 2 the female landed just before 10.00 for about 15 minutes. Soon after there was some action – YA came in with a whole fish – ‘X rated’ video for blood following!

So as yesterday he mantled over it and despite the female showing keen interest in food off he went. The female did not seem happy and shouted more and more over the next half hour.

Better not a happy female

Not a happy female (c) Forestry Commission England

But then YA returned, admittedly with a smaller offering.

YA returns with two thirds of the trout (c) Forestry Commission England

YA returns with two thirds of the trout
(c) Forestry Commission England

The female took the fish from YA and flew off, leaving him to clean his beak on a twig and do a bit of nest work.

She didn’t return with the remains of the trout until 12.45.

As you can see, YA thanked her for the remnant!

Of particular interest was an ‘incident’ soon after 13.00. The female was alone when YA landed with the fish remains and mantled – but not at the female. An intruder was around, both birds followed something flying around and above the nest.

Who is up there? (c) Forestry Commission England

Who is up there?
(c) Forestry Commission England

Nothing came within range of the nestcam so it may not have been an osprey. If it was 37 he would have been persistent during the afternoon and this was an isolated incident, albeit lasting about 4 minutes.

The rest of the afternoon passed with the pair becoming more relaxed with each other, although – as has happened on previous early evenings – YA disappeared after some reluctance by the female to mate. But there had been plenty of earlier potential successes.

The streams from the Nest 1 cams crashed again in the early afternoon after an ’empty nest’ morning; field observations later did not spot an osprey.

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One Response to Mating and mantling

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Hoping 37 will return to Kielder today, Joanna. Thank you for the report on YA and his antics.

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