A New Des. Res.

The nest is complete (c) Joanna Dailey

View from the Bakethin Bird Hide of the completed nest (c) Joanna Dailey

Last Saturday (28th March) Northumberland Wildlife Trust volunteer, professional ecologist and qualified tree climber Neil Beamsley put the finishing touches to a new osprey platform installed on an island in the Bakethin nature reserve at the top end of the Kielder Reservoir.  This was a joint project between Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Northumbrian Water as part of the collective efforts on ospreys at Kielder.  The Forestry Commission England’s ornithologist was on hand to provide advice on the construction of the nest which mirrors the natural nest building process of ospreys.  Brash and moss was brought over to the island by boat with larger branches coming from trees felled on the island.

The pole was designed and built by THC Landscapes and Logic Manufacturing and is visible from the Bakethin Bird Hide.  It was installed on Tuesday 24th March.

It is hoped that ospreys will take a liking to this new artificial nest either for perching or, if we are very lucky, a new pair might set up home and breed here.

We are eagerly awaiting the return of the resident ospreys who are due over the next couple of weeks although the bad weather from Africa, through Spain, France and on into the UK over the early migration period seems to be holding them up this year across the country.  Last year’s breeding ospreys are very unlikely to use the new nest as they should return to their successful nests.  Only time will tell.

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One Response to A New Des. Res.

  1. Greg Sanders says:

    That’s brilliant!
    an ideal spot to watch the birds closer from the hide- hope the car parks big enough at Bakethin (I know it is!)-lets hope our birds get back soon and get the season started!
    Looking forward to another year! well done all.

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