One goes south after heading north, one goes north suddenly…. Confused?!

The two tracked 2014 Kielder juveniles are definitely exhibiting signs of zugunruhe (restlessness) in their recent activity. The last post asked the question ‘which way would 7H go?’ The answer was north back to near Azemmour on 29 March, but after a fairly normal day there on 30 March she was back down towards Jorf Lasfar today after a late start (from a pylon roost) and a morning by the river. This image shows her journey today, last fix at 15.20 GMT.

7H heads south again

7H heads south again

Her cousin from Kielder Nest 2 has been in a more restricted range of late, although within that UV has been restless at times. Yesterday he flew north outside that range (apart from one trip back to the phosphate mine!) for the first time in a while.

UV didn’t leave his patch until shortly before 17.00. This may be why he left. Thanks to Paul for the graphic.

Dust storms along the Grande Côte

Dust storms along the Grande Côte

The densest area is where UV is (was!) and although the impact is nothing like the inland sand storms it may have influenced his move. He roosted overnight near other spots he used in previous trips up and down the coast.

Today he set off before 11.00, and headed NE rather than back to ‘base’.

UV heads north

UV heads northeast

He used a thermal to gain height very quickly; another great graphic from Paul.



By the last fix UV had turned towards the coast and was at a familiar place to him from his sorties up and down the coast – the Langue de Barbarie.

But where will he be tomorrow?

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