7H: a ‘mini break’ or more?

Just as the last update on 7H was being finalised data arrived showing she had flown down to the port and industrial area at Jorf Lasfar on 26 March. She was still there when the data arrived early today.

She started 26 March by spending the morning around the loop in the river upstream from her new favourite spot to sit near the A5 bridge. She took some hunting level flights along the river but before noon she set off towards the SSW reaching a maximum recorded elevation of 557m ASL. She arrived at Jorf Lasfar at about 13.40 GMT having stopped a couple of times and explored over farmland. The following image shows her range.

7H heads back to Jorf Lasfar

7H heads back to Jorf Lasfar

Was there a reason she left Azemmour or was it just ‘restlessness’? Perhaps fishing had been trickier. The waves had been up to 12 feet high at the coast on 25 March, more offshore. Paul has produced an animation showing the trend over 24 and 25 March.



But upstream – where 7H spent most of her time – she shouldn’t have had real problems.

For whatever reason she has chosen to move to an area that isn’t best described as a tourist attraction as this video shows. Many thanks to Paul for producing the animation and finding the video.

During the afternoon of 26 March 7H was around the dock area.

7H at the dock area

7H at the dock area

Her roost for the night was further inland … a pylon!

On 27 March 7H made an excursion south of around 8 km in a straight line but the relatively unspoilt scenery didn’t appeal as much as Jorf Lasfar. Back she went with only a one minute halt during the trip.

A trip down the coast

A trip down the coast

On 28 March 7H spent the day mainly below the outfall from the power station (described by Wikipedia as the largest independent power station in Morocco).

On 28 March 7H paid most attention to the outfall from the power station

On 28 March 7H paid most attention to the outfall from the power station

The water is not polluted – it is raw seawater used to cool the turbine heat exchangers. It will be slightly warmer than the sea and smaller fish often congregate around such places. 7H may have caught a fish when flying there at around 09.40 because the temperature reading on her tracker dropped 11 degrees between 09.40 and 09.46.

Last night she roosted between two different pylons. Will she extend her stay or fly back to Azemmour? Or carry on south?!

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2 Responses to 7H: a ‘mini break’ or more?

  1. Starling says:

    Thanks again Joanna & Paul. Can’t say the port appeals to me I prefer the unspoilt scenery. Hope she enjoys her holiday and stays safe.

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    It’s great to see the different areas that 7H is visiting, thank you for the photos. Also Paul for the wave video. 7H has the confidence to explore more now. Maybe she will find more good fishing grounds and of course there might be new pylons to roost on. ;)

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