Another ‘home and away’ post

The Nests 1 and 2 cameras are working with streaming to Kielder Castle Cafe during opening hours, which from Saturday for the two weeks of school holiday are 09.00 to 17.30.

Reviewing recorded footage has identified a few birds on both nests, but not the ones we long to see!

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Whilst work has been going on at Kielder in readiness for the new season UV has been ‘doing not a lot’ on the Grande Côte in Senegal. As a juvenile his patch may not be quite as good as those used by some adults who will have started their migrations now, although from Google Earth images there appears little difference in habitat along most of the coastal strip between the Langue de Barbarie and just north of Dakar. Neverthless readers may recall that UV made frequent exploratory trips from the area he is now in, especially to the north, suggesting he could have felt it lacked ‘something’. The Rutland Osprey Project adult female 30(05) left her wintering grounds on 10 March. UV had spent a night quite near her area, but he has been nowhere near there since she left. He hasn’t ventured very far afield at all. Apart from a direct return trip to the phosphate mine at Darou on 20 March UV’s only ‘exploring’ was on 17 March when he went well south of his normal Darou route on the way back. This made it a 75 km outing. He was never at a particularly high altitude and had a stop on the beach when travelling up the coast.

UV goes south before heading home

UV goes south before heading home

Most days he has been very sedentary, with perhaps three flights off shore. Here is an image of a fairly typical day.

UV on 21 March

UV on 21 March

But on 22 March he was very unsettled in the area he sits during the day. Instead of spending a couple of hours or more in a very small range he often flew around for about 5 minutes before returning to a tree close to the one he left for 15 minutes or so, then off again. Spot the difference to the previous image!

An unsettled UV

An unsettled UV

Some nights he has been fidgety too, flitting around some distance in the dark. Paul’s weather analysis can find no explanation for these behaviours.

Meanwhile, in Morocco 7H has continued doing interesting things suggesting she is unsettled too. Are some first winter ospreys restless at migration time, caused either by the adults moving through, or by instinct?


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4 Responses to Another ‘home and away’ post

  1. thehutts says:

    Glad to see that there is now a deep nest cup for Mr and Mrs YA’s hopeful return. Please pass on my congratulations to the tree climber for his or her efforts! Sally

    • joannadailey says:

      Paul has done a great job recently on all three active nests. I’ll pass your comment on, Sally, thanks.

  2. Starling says:

    Thank you Joanna, glad to know UV and 7H are both safe and well, even though they seem a bit unsettled. Possibly the adult birds leaving does trigger some kind of instinct within them.. With less competition hopefully they will become more settled over the coming weeks.

  3. joannadailey says:

    It is hard to say what is causing the behaviour, Starling, maybe it is purely instinct, or a combination. 7H is probably seeing less migrators than UV yet she has been the more ‘roaming’ bird of the two.

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