7H gives Pip and Vic the runaround

All the missing data for 7H has now arrived. It will take a while to go through, but apart from one excursion she was in her usual spots. Although her pattern of activity may have altered  – there’s been no time to work that out yet!

On the day Pip and Vic arrived to hunt for her, it was a slightly different afternoon in part. The morning was fairly ‘normal’ in pre-22 January terms. 7H spent about 3 hours in the ‘beach area’ from 10.30-13.26 GMT. It was visited by Pip and Vic later in the afternoon.

After flying down the river and possibly getting a fish (there was a big temperature drop on the tracker, but it could have been a failed catch) 7H went to her overnight roost area by 13.40. Although she did use that area during the day sometimes it was a less popular option than either the pylons or Eucalyptus area. Pip and Vic started their hunt at the pylons at about 14.00 for about an hour. Then they went to the beach; all that time 7H was in the overnight roost area. At 15.52 7H was back on the river, a fraction more to the south than usual and flying at over 100m mostly before heading to the pylons. As Pip and Vic arrived at the Eucalyptus area 7H was just about landing on a pylon. Ten minutes or so difference and they may just have seen an osprey in the distance flying upstream!

7H left the pylons to roost overnight in the Eucalyptus trees. She left them  before 06.40, when she was just a short distance away. At 08.11 just before Pip and Vic were arriving for their morning hunt 7H was roosting by the Eucalyptus trees again; there wasn’t another fix whilst they were there so we can’t know if initially she was just the other side of the trees to their position.

After Pip and Vic’s sighting on the tree 7H flew along the river and didn’t hunt successfully whilst in their view. The temperature readings on the tracker (which are taken at different times to the positional fixes) dropped significantly, possibly the failed catch or maybe she was lucky when out of sight.

Here is an image of 7H’s activity during the afternoon hunt. Pip and Vic’s efforts were rewarded the next morning, and perhaps today!

Box and cox between 7H and Pip and Vic

Box and cox between 7H and Pip and Vic


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2 Responses to 7H gives Pip and Vic the runaround

  1. Vic Paine says:

    Wonderful news, one can only speculate if there is/was a hardware fault or the prospect of a refund prompted a remote reboot. We shall have e celebratory glass of wine shortly.

    • joannadailey says:

      If ever anyone deserved a celebratory glass it is you and Pip! Enjoy, from a very happy bunch of people at Kielder.

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