“Best possible news”

Those words were uttered by Pip Rowe, forever a heroine to Kielder Ospreys. Taking a two day detour from her holiday in Morocco she visited Azemmour and this is who she found…..

7H alive and well near Azemmour (c) Vic Paine

7H alive and well near Azemmour
(c) Vic Paine

As you can see the tracker is still attached, so the reason for lack of data since 22 January must be tracker failure. But the most important thing is that 7H is alive and looking good.

Pip has kindly agreed to write a guest blog when she returns home. So looking forward to that!

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13 Responses to “Best possible news”

  1. joyce rawlings says:

    Fabulous news!!!!

  2. SheIla FE says:

    brilliant nws. well done Pip

  3. thehutts says:

    Can we have this photo as the header please Joanna – you should be able to do it now I have upped your privileges :)

  4. Chris says:

    This is fantastic news!!

  5. Ann Lane says:

    Our heroine deserves the DSO – Distinguished Service to Ospreyholics!

  6. Tiger Mozone says:

    This is the most fantastic news in all sorts of ways. Just the news that tracking needed.

  7. KEITH ROGERS says:

    In a week of bad news reference RSPB – Millicent this is the best possible news we could have. I am always concerned when an osprey goes off radar but great to hear that 7H is well and still settled in Azzemour.
    It is concerning though the reliability aspect with these trackers.

  8. Vivien Finn says:

    Fantastic news Joanna, I’m delighted that 7H is safe.:) Many thanks to Pip for the photo that says it all.

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