UV explores – but only locally

Since the last update UV has remained in the area on the coast near Mboro. He is tending to roost overnight about 2-3 km inland, although he is sometimes quite unsettled as the first image shows.

UV overnight 4 and 5 Feb

UV overnight 4 and 5 Feb

UV started the hours of darkness further inland before moving to the area on the right of the image. But he continued to travel about as you can see. Even inland he hasn’t found a favourite tree for overnight and often he moves in the dark albeit seldom as much as on 4/5 February.

Most days he is about 2 km inland for long periods although in the last few days he has started sitting on the beach, albeit not for many minutes at a time.

On 5 February he had an ‘explore’ day, flying about 18 km inland and also 11 km along the shoreline on his return.

UV has a good look around

UV has a good look around

His furthest point was around a phosphate mining area, Darou Khoudoss. UV had a good look at an area of water.

UV flies over and sits by

UV flies over and sits by a ‘lake’

The water is flooded workings from apatite extraction and will be polluted. UV would not have seen any fish in there!

In contrast on the next day UV was much more focussed on the coast than previously.

UV's range on 6 Feb

UV’s range on 6 Feb

Paul has made a very helpful split-screen graphic showing UV’s first couple of weeks in Senegal.

UV and Senegal

UV and Senegal

As you can see, on his flight down to near Dakar on 25 January he deviated inland well before his current territory and he also had a look at those mine workings at Darou Khoudoss. He also scouted around on the northern edge of his current territory – the red track just above the green – a couple of days later.

The data came early on 7 February and he was on the beach, possibly having breakfast. The temperature was about 21°C according to weather sites. It was -5°C at Kielder at that time!



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1 Response to UV explores – but only locally

  1. Tiger says:

    Great to see that UV seems to be settling down in a safe area.

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