UV spends another day in the same place

At 13.30 GMT today UV was still in the same area he has inhabited since Friday. So it is a stopover, if not a more permanent home.

Excluding his more remote overnight roost on 31 January UV has been within a 20 sq km area, mostly rather less than that. Here is an image of Sunday.

UV's range on 1 Feb

UV’s range on 1 Feb

He has visited the sea about three times during most days; yesterday a couple of the flights were at very low altitude parallel with the shore. There isn’t conclusive evidence of a catch but if he was hunting without success then more flights at sea should be apparent. He is flying at speed at times so there is no sign of weakness. He usually goes to roost quite quickly and for some time after leaving the shore to head inland again.

Mostly he is sitting in a tree inland. Yesterday he spent longer at some of his day roosts than on 31 January. The longest period was about 2¼ hrs.

Today he had one flight which took him to higher altitudes and a little way further inland over the edge of farmland. Was he just looking around or was another osprey about? We’ll never know.

Paul has produced the following graphic to show how UV has been establishing his range.

UV from 31 Jan to 13.30 on 2 Feb

UV from 31 Jan to 13.30 on 2 Feb

(Note that the coastline on outline maps isn’t highly accurate at the scale shown. But the day to day comparison is clearer than on Google Earth.) These graphics take time to produce but are so helpful – many thanks to Paul.

There is still no data for 7H. Unless there is news on either her or UV the blog will be updated roughly weekly. And there aren’t many of them to go before we’ll be looking up at Kielder for our breeding adults to return!



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2 Responses to UV spends another day in the same place

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Joanna, you and Paul have spent goodness knows how many hours researching, plotting graphs and writing regular blogs to keep us all updated. I’m in awe at how much information you have both provided over recent months. Ornithology, Geography, and Science, all rolled into one. Really interesting, thank you.
    I VERY much hope that 7H is safe and the lack of data is due to tracker malfunction. Fingers crossed.

  2. joannadailey says:

    We’re glad you enjoy the blogs, Vivien. The data is really fascinating, even more so than I imagined.

    Yes, everything crossed for 7H. She could possibly be out of GSM tracker range in a new spot, although one would have hoped to get data by now.

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