Not much news about UV

A very early data download on Sunday followed a late one. The only ‘news’ is that UV roosted over 8 km SW of his main area. Here is an image of the roost, just inland from a fishing village.

UV's overnight roost on 31 Jan

UV’s overnight roost on 31 Jan

On most evenings during his recent travels he has taken a bit of time to settle, usually ending up flying at dusk if not in the dark to a new place. In Portugal and at Cintra it was a few days before he found a favourite roost.

Here is an image of his range yesterday, apart from his final roosting site.

UV's range on 31 Jan

UV’s range on 31 Jan

The path out to sea with no fixes is a late afternoon flight on 30 January. Some of the points on this map are overlapping his activity the previous day although mostly he was slightly more to the north on 31 January.

UV is tending to use daytime roosts about 2-2.5 km from the beach.His near-ish neighbour, Rutland Water’s 30(05), sits on the beach for part of the day but UV has not done this yet  – or not when a fix of his position has been made. When a visit was made to see 30(05) in February 2014 one hundred ospreys including ten ringed Scottish and German birds) were seen on a 30 km drive along the beach. 30(05) was interacting closely with two as photos in the link show. UV will be encountering other ospreys much more frequently than at any time since he left Kielder.

The nearest town to his location is a few km inland, M’boro. He is nearer significant human presence than at his previous stopovers.

Paul has calculated that UV has flown 642 km since arriving in Senegal; but he has only travelled about 200 km. The statistic shows the amount of exploring he has done.

The next few days will be interesting.





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