UV stays put

UV stopped travelling down the coast within minutes of the last fix yesterday. He is in the same area this evening. Has he found ‘his’ place? Here is the overview of yesterday afternoon from just after 13.00 GMT.

UV from 13.00 on 30 Jan

UV from 13.00 on 30 Jan

UV roosted very near here on 26 January as you can see. It is a quiet seeming area with no sign of a fishing village or other human activity for a few km around. UV hasn’t behaved as if another osprey/avian competitor is in the vicinity. Rutland Water’s 30(05) is about 20 km to the north.

Yesterday afternoon after heading a little inland he lazed in several different spots all afternoon, bar a flight to sea around 16.20 (the track on the map that goes furthest out to sea) when he may have caught a fish. The data is inconclusive. Here is a graphic showing his activity. If that isn’t too strong a word!

UV loafing

UV loafing

Today looks very similar.

UV on 31 Jan until about 17.00

UV on 31 Jan until about 17.00

The weather was good yesterday and this morning with a fair amount of cloud so it would not feel too hot.

As so often recently with UV, his next data is awaited with interest!

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One Response to UV stays put

  1. thehutts says:

    Maybe he will give you and Paul a break for a while! Sally

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