UV continues north

Data arrived late afternoon today; the path downloaded onto Google Earth and it felt a bit like turning the next page of a thriller! And this is ‘what happened next’ in the migration of this young osprey.

UV continues to retrace his steps

UV continues to retrace his steps

So UV continued to head back up the coast and in so doing went past Rutland Water 30(05)‘s winter home again. When he travelled south past her area on 24 January he was a bit inland – had he seen another osprey so moved away, possibly under escort, or was it coincidence?

UV travel near 30(05) territory

UV travel near 30(05) territory

UV was stationary on the two most easterly fixes so their paths almost certainly had not crossed in that hour.

The next graphic, lots of work from Paul for which sincere thanks, shows UV’s travel yesterday.

UV flies back north past 30(05)'s wihter home

UV flies back north past 30(05)’s winter home

The black extensions to the ground illustrate that UV flew quite high at various times, highest (just under 1000m ASL) shortly before his final destination was reached last night. He was over 500m ASL shortly before moving inland to skirt 30(05)’s area. It could be coincidence again.

He flew over twice the distance he travelled, suggesting he is looking for an area to settle.

Today UV stayed relatively near his overnight roost spot until the last fix at 15.48 GMT. Roll on tomorrow and more data!

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3 Responses to UV continues north

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Joanna…thanks for the great updates and thanks to Paul too, any news on 7H, it’s been a few days now?

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks, Chris. We haven’t heard anything re 7H. We are trying to get ‘eyes on the ground’ in case it is a tracker issue or maybe she has moved and is out of cell tower range.

  2. Chris Young says:

    Thanks Joanna…my fingers are crossed!

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