UV keeps on going

Just a quick update on UV from today’s data.

Yesterday he was flying parallel with the Senegal River when the e-mail arrived. He carried on to the coast then headed south, past St Louis. He roosted last night by the sea only a few km north of a well known osprey, Rutland Water’s 30(05). Here is a report from them about a visit to see 30(05) last year; UV will have seen the same scenery (and ‘beach buggies’, probably) as he flew along early today.

UV's overnight roost on 24 Jan

UV’s overnight roost on 24 Jan

Today the data arrived soon after 11.00 GMT, so he had not gone much further. Since leaving Cintra 0n 21 January he has travelled 1026 km. Here is his route yesterday and early today.

UV's route on 24 and early 25 January

UV’s route on 24 and early 25 January

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One Response to UV keeps on going

  1. KEITH ROGERS says:

    I am sure he will be encountering more ospreys along this coast than he has seen in his short life so far. Maybe he is looking for a quiet spot to stop over again.
    Dakar peninsula next – then down to The Gambia ????????? – Who Knows.

    Thanks Joanna

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