Quick update on UV today

The data for UV arrived before 13.00 GMT today. He turned towards the coast when he left his roost this morning and by 11.25 was parallel to the Senegal River. He had an exploration of what appears to be a lake or marshy area but carried on in a fairly straight line after that. The last fix (the yellow bull’s eye in the image below was just before 12.30 and he was flying strongly. He had covered 56 km.

UV on the morning of 24 Jan

UV on the morning of 24 Jan

There will be another post later with more on his journey on 22-24 January. And a bit about 7H.


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5 Responses to Quick update on UV today

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Great news,and many thanks. It will be interesting to see where he stops to roost tonight!

  2. KEITH ROGERS says:

    Joanna – Thanks for the regular updates over the past dates as UV moves south. I thought at some stage he may settle at Banc D’Arguin. Maybe he will follow the River towards St Louis or even move further south towards the Gambia.
    One never knows with this bird and his slow transition from Kielder to Senegal so far is very interesting.
    What makes them stay so long in an area then all of a sudden go. It can not be the food as he seems to be doing OK,

  3. joannadailey says:

    Thanks, Viv and Keith, for the comments.
    He is an unpredictable one, that is for sure! No arrow like dash to West Africa for him. Young ospreys do seem to explore, but not quite like UV. Loch Garten’s Breagha went north on his migration up through the area where UV was this morning before heading south again to southern Senegal. I’m not sure UV has time to get that far before he needs to turn round!

  4. KEITH ROGERS says:

    Lakes White 14 finally found his place of rest on November 29 – after a fairly long exploration but not as long as UV and he still remains some 14 months later. Going to meet him next week.

    • joannadailey says:

      And I note from elsewhere you may see more ospreys than White 14. Look out for rings, Keith. And enjoy your first 2015 sighting!

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