7H: pylons and… polytunnels?!

7H has continued to stay in a relatively small area around Azemmour; there are a few interesting aspects amongst her routine.

She tends to be on the move from her overnight roost (the score in the last few days is trees 4, pylons 2) around sunrise. Fixes are only about every 40 minutes early in the morning and the first one away from the nest has mostly been stationary inland on the east side of the river, so possibly having breakfast. On Christmas Day she spent time at the mouth of the river.

7H on 25 Dec

7H on 25 Dec

She had roosted on Roost 6. The first fix away from there was more or less at sunrise. She was on the east side of the river until a fix at 10.18 showed her flying near the mouth of the river. This was just about at low tide. She flew along the river for a time but shortly prior to the peg showing her midday roost area she had been circling low over the sea and may well have caught a fish. After her break she was circling over the sea near the estuary again before heading inland to the pylons for the afternoon. And night!

On 26 December she was back on the coast again by low tide; the close up image below shows her hunting several times between roosts on the sand. Or possibly occasionally (from the height) sitting on something like a lifeguard platform which from photos are scaffolding structures.

7H on Boxing Day

7H on Boxing Day

On 27 December which was a similar sunny and wind-free day to those either side she was never shown away from the east side of the river (near the ‘Roost 4 late’ peg in the first graphic). She obviously wasn’t flying much because the number of fixes were usually 30 minutes or more apart. Only one fix showed her in flight and that was late afternoon quite near Roost 6.

Since this rest day she has had a mix of river and coastal fishing jaunts interspersed with roosts on trees, sand and pylons. And also a relatively new spot a bit further east from the ‘Roost 4 late’ peg.



The image above is slightly clearer than the current Google Earth one and a line of polytunnels appear to be by the field edge where she has roosted. They are sometimes in different parts of the field so may not be in this position now, but given 7H seems to like being near or on man made items I wouldn’t bet on it!

Kielder Ospreys thank readers for their interest over the year; our best wishes for the New Year to you. And to ospreys everywhere, safe return in 2015.



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6 Responses to 7H: pylons and… polytunnels?!

  1. Marion Webb says:

    Many thanks for all your updates, so very much appreciated.

    Best wishes for 2015

  2. Mary G. Kerr says:

    Thank You very much Joanna for all your informative and detailed posts. Wishing all at Kielder A Happy New Year and I hope that 2015 is as good a year as 2014 has been.

  3. KEITH ROGERS says:

    Joanna – Best wishes to all the Kielder Osprey Volunteers, the Northumberland Wildlide Trust and Forrestry Commission staff for 2015 and any organistaions I may have missed.
    2014 has been a wonderous and exciting year for you all at Kielder as it has been for your followers. How more exciting can it get – maybe somewhere one or more of the 3-4-5-6H from 2013 may be spotted back in UK as well as all the others.
    And once again Thank You for 2014 giving us such an informative and detailed look into Ospreys at Kielder.

  4. joannadailey says:

    Thank you for your comments, Keith; I expect Northumbrian Water merit a mention as Suppliers of Fish!
    2014 was a remarkable year for us and 2015 will do well to top it. However hopefully there will be more thrills than spills for both Kielder and other Projects.
    Best wishes and happy Osprey spotting on your travels!

  5. Sandra B says:

    Thanks Joanna so much for updates and amazing reports. Happy New Year to all at Kielder and volunteers, fabulous reporting and amazing :) I said nothing to learn but maybe wrong. Still on the fence but have to say amazed :)

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