7H likes the sand too! Or gravel

Since the last post on 7H she has stayed in the same range west of the river (ie roughly as far as the pylons) but she has gone further east along the shoreline than of late. And she has spent a lot of time at the mouth of the river.

The weather has been good so there is no obvious reason for her shift in attention; high tide has been around the middle of the day to early afternoon but she is roosting at the mouth of the river then as well as when it is nearer a low tide point. Her range up and down the river is largely to no further upstream than the outskirts of Azemmour and much of the time she is flying higher and faster along the river than a few weeks ago. So perhaps she is getting less fish from the river and more from just offshore.

Her longest exploration was right at the start of the period when she had been in the pylon area for a few hours before heading up to the coast via a circuitous route.

Pylon to coast and pond

Pylon to coast and pond

She wasn’t near the pond often in the period. The next image shows her range on 19 December.

7H range 19 Dec

7H range 19 Dec

The following three days show little difference.

7H range 20-22 Dec

7H range 20-22 Dec

The dots in the top right of the image are a small area she is spending long periods in, sometimes over an hour at a time. It looks quite barren from the distant Google Earth overview. A close up using historical imagery shows how relatively recently 7H would have been in scrub.

 June 2009 with 7H's fixes superimposed

June 2009 with 7H’s fixes superimposed

But latterly the area seems to have become a sand or gravel extraction site.

The area in Oct 2013

The area in Oct 2013

It is possible that the tide reaches into the area where material has been removed and she is roosting so fish may be in the shallows as the tide ebbs. But 7H is there at varying stages of the tidal movements so perhaps it is just another example of her favouring things that are man made!

A brief update on UV – since returning to Bajo Tortugo he has done nothing much at all apart from fly inland to roost overnight. A lagoon lazer during the day!

Kielder Ospreys wish all readers a very happy Christmas. Hopefully many of you will have Emyr Evans’ book Ospreys in Wales – The First Ten Years under your tree.It is of especial interest to Kielder Osprey followers because Yellow 37 and White YA are from Glaslyn, so you can learn all about their highly successful parents. As well as much more.  A wonderful work to cherish.


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2 Responses to 7H likes the sand too! Or gravel

  1. KEITH ROGERS says:

    Happy Christmas to you – Joanna and all the volunteers that have been involved throughout the year at Kielder Ospreys – you have provided us with some great stories also a wonderful work to cherish.
    Great that UV and 7H have made it through to Christmas and all seems well.

    • joannadailey says:

      Many thanks for the good wishes, Keith, and thank you for your interesting comments on the blog.
      Very happy Christmas to you also, and let’s hope for a great 2015 for Ospreys everywhere. And their followers!

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