A brief bit on 7H

Remember 7H, the Nest 2 female juvenile with a likeness for a particular pond and plenty of pylons? With UV’s journey from Portugal to Western Sahara and his second stopover she hasn’t had a mention for almost a couple of weeks. All seems well with her despite some poor weather in Morocco, especially over the weekend and until 16 December. There was some rain every day, with the worst day being Sunday. She has ranged over a small area with not many visits to either the pylons or pond. Here are a couple of images of her last week or so.

7H on 9 and 10 Dec

7H on 9 and 10 Dec

No visits to pond or pylons either day when the weather was reasonable. Next, a longer period.

7H range 11-17 Dec

7H range 11-17 Dec

She roosted overnight  on the pylons twice in this time, once when it was dry and not especially windy, once when it was wetter. She visited the pond only briefly. Fixes are relatively infrequent, about every 30-40 minutes most of the time which mainly reflects her lack of activity.

So she seems very settled. But then that was how UV seemed on the morning of his departure!

There will be a blog about him later which will include another piece of great detective work by Paul Wildlifewriter.


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