FLASH 2! More data on UV, unexpectedly

Resigned to a couple of data-less days given limited cell tower coverage in Western Sahara it was a welcome surprise to receive news a short while ago. Here is what UV did today!

UV's travel 11 Dec

UV’s travel 11 Dec

The roost point was actually the second of two on the desert floor. UV then had a bit of a lie in, setting off between 11.30 and noon GMT.

As Paul predicted, the easterly winds almost certainly affected the route. Again UV flew strongly at up to 70 kph and at altitudes of over 1000m.

This image shows him either trying to catch supper (there is surf fishing in the area, here is some info and photos of some tiddlers at Dakhla, a bit further north) or else looking for a suitable cliff to roost on.

UV at the coast

UV at the coast


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2 Responses to FLASH 2! More data on UV, unexpectedly

  1. KEITH ROGERS says:

    Great News to hear that UV has hit the Western Sahara coastline and can take a wee rest and feed up which he appears to have in mind.

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    So pleased he has found somewhere to feed, Joanna. The desert is so cool at night, it’s amazing how these birds manage such a range of temperatures.

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