One juvenile makes some trips, the other stays at home

Unusually UV has been more adventurous than 7H in the past week, although that is mainly because 7H has focussed on a much smaller area since her trips up river.


In SW Portugal the weather was quite wet and windy at the start of the period. On 29 November there were gusts of up to 56 kph. Although it was a sunny day the temperature only reached 14°C and in the northerly wind it would have felt cooler. But UV was undeterred and went on a jaunt, visiting the Barragem de Morgavel near Sines on the coast, a reservoir he has been to several times. It isn’t possible to tell what he did there because fixes were only every 80  minutes or so. Fortunately one was during his flight over Morgavel. The next day the weather was more settled, breezy rather than windy, and UV made a 35 km round trip if not further. He was quite near the coast but the fixes didn’t show him flying along it.

These trips plus sunnier weather have charged his battery and later in the week fixes were at 1-2 minute intervals during the middle of the day. And, predictably, UV didn’t do much in those times! He has tended to be over the water a bit more in the morning and on various roosts in the afternoon, though on 5 December he spent more time flying in the afternoon. The forecast is good for the forthcoming week; mainly sunny and temperatures between 14°C and 17°C but it will be windy at times.


As in Portugal there was some wet and windy weather in Morocco last week, with 56mm of rain recorded at Azemmour on 30 November. The previous day 7H paid a visit to the Resort pond, quite a rare feature recently. The image below shows well her circling around it for a few minutes before roosting for 20 minutes nearby. Some fixes have been removed to give a clearer view but the track remains.

7H visits the Mazagan Beach Resort pond

7H visits the Mazagan Beach Resort pond

7H has scarcely visited the pylons of late. She was on Pylon 14 for a while on 1 December but otherwise has reduced her range. The next image shows her activity between 25 and 30 November on the river and nearby. During that period she made her long up river trip and roamed around (eg the pylons and Resort) as well as frequenting the central area shown in the image.

7H's activity on and near the river 25-30 November

7H’s activity on and near the river 25-30 November

The final image illustrates how her range has reduced in early December. (The track for travel outside that period can’t be removed, only the fixes.)

7H reduces her range in December

7H reduces her range in December

You can see that apart from a trip to the pond again (4 December) and the pylon on 1 December she has concentrated on fishing in a very small stretch of river north of central Azemmour. And her roosts are also less varied. Nearly always she has been within the three marked areas.

So speculation in the last post that she may be finding it more difficult to fish near the estuary was unfounded! Nevertheless the data suggests she hasn’t been to the beach apart from one flight on 2 December.

Are we past the point for either of the juveniles to move on? Never say never about an osprey, and there was one tracked osprey who spent from 23 September to 5 December 2000 near Cadiz before heading off to West Africa. You can read about T03, one of the translocated Rutland Water juveniles, here.



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