UV and 7H update


The weather has been quite unsettled in Portugal with some wet and windy days; on 13 November there was an Orange weather warning for rain and 41 mm of rain was recorded at Sines on the coast. The surface winds map below shows the winds at 12.45 GMT on 13 November and although the animation is missing it is clear the SW Portuguese coast (and the western UK) was experiencing  strong southwesterlies.

Strong winds in SW Portugal Image from Earthschool

Strong winds in SW Portugal
Image from Earthschool

So it is no surprise that UV has confined himself to a small area. He has spent more time during the day on relatively new roosts which may have given him greater shelter, and in so far as it is possible to tell from the fixes he has fished in a more central area of the reservoir this week compared to last. But everything is relative and he is still mainly within a 500m² area.


7H is also keeping to a more restricted area since her Moroccan explorations last week, but hers is about six times as great as UV’s range! In UV’s defence the weather is a lot better in Morocco, still 20-22°C and dry.

Since returning to the Azemmour area 7H has only roosted on a pylon overnight once (she actually went between two during the hours of darkness), preferring the scrubland west of the river. And on 11 November the data indicated she didn’t visit the pylons at all; much of the time there are very frequent fixes so that is probably accurate. The image below shows her activity from just before 14.00 GMT on 8 November until darkness on 11 November. The flight up the coast was from the pylons in the late afternoon of 9 November, an event that occurred soon after the e-mail for that day.

7H stays 'home'

7H stays ‘home’

7H does visit the pylon area for a couple of hours at a time and had an hour or so by the Resort pond on 10 November. But she is spending much more time by the mouth of the river and on trees on both banks or a little inland. Most days she has been stationary on the beach by the estuary in the morning and again in the afternoon. There is no clear correlation between her activity and the tide times other than that her visits don’t coincide with either high or low tide. Here is a more detailed image of 7H’s activity on the river between 10 November and mid afternoon on 13 November; the last fix yesterday showed her flying just a bit further north up the coast.

7H and the river 10-13 Nov

7H and the river 10-13 Nov

So for both juveniles it is back to wondering if these are their wintering grounds or ‘just’ stopovers. If the latter they are much longer than the norm. UV arrived on 15 September so 2 months now and 7H reached Azemmour on 23 September. The Aberfoyle male juvenile is still in Portugal too, but further north near Aveiro. On 10 September UV was within 5 km of Lonaig’s current haunts, mainly around and west of the purple ‘Aveiro’ on the map below.

UV on 10 September

UV on 10 September

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One Response to UV and 7H update

  1. KEITH ROGERS says:

    It is very interesting that at this stage that 7H and UV have not ventured further south along with Aberfoyle “Lonaig”. One wonders whether this is permanent or a stopover.
    Who would have predicted that three tracked juveniles would still be in these poitions.
    It would be interesting to get statistics of the population that overwinter in Spain-Portuagal-Morocco.
    Many Thanks for updates and your blogs.

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