Back to base for 7H

After an exciting (well, to her followers!) couple of days 7H has returned to the Azemmour area.

The last fix on Friday showed her making a U turn, but was it just to find a roost area? She followed a line of pylons as the sun started to set, stopping on a couple briefly before finding a really comfy one for the night!

On Saturday she moved away at about 09.00 GMT and continued in a northeasterly direction, getting back to Pylon City at 10.06. The image below shows her travel between the afternoons of 7 and 9 November, the line of the pylons is clear.

7H movement 7-9 November

7H movement 7-9 November

She stopped on P11 before heading to the river soon after noon. From 12.25 until 13.19 she flew up and down her favoured stretch. Although she went to an inland roost on the east side of the river she was only there 10 minutes so no catch. Another half hour of flying up and down the river followed and she possibly was successful as she flew to a new pylon – P12! – for over an hour.

On Saturday her overnight roost was in that area and on Sunday she stayed on familiar ground.

Here is an image of her movement on Saturday and Sunday morning after her return to the Azemmour area.

Home again!

‘Home’ again!

Unless there is a break from routine (and yes, UV isn’t doing anything!) it’ll be back to roughly weekly updates.

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One Response to Back to base for 7H

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Many thanks for the updates Joanna, I see 7H is still attached to her comfy pylons. Great to know both Ospreys are safe and I shall look forward to reading more about their exploits.

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