Old and new for 7H

The weather in Azemmour has been in the mid 30s Centigrade for the last week with light winds. 7H is doing considerably more flying than cousin UV so there are many more fixes showing her location. She has exhibited some minor changes to her range, but can’t leave that pond at the Mazagan Beach Resort alone for more than a couple of days at most! She’s been on the beach more than usual in the lovely weather and has returned to roost during the day in areas of land east of the river for the first time since early in her stopover.

On 18 October after an hour by the Resort pond 7H flew along the river before heading up to the coast where she sat on the beach near this spot for about 10 minutes.  She then flew further north and paused again; the image below shows the two points.

A couple of stops on the beach for 7H

A couple of stops on the beach for 7H

On 19 October the main item of interest was a two hour period of non-stop flying, mainly up and down the river but occasionally a short way inland. This was between 12.49 GMT and 14.48 so it would have been very warm indeed.

On 20 October she spent four spells sitting on trees on the east side of the river a little inland; as stated above she hasn’t perched on that side of the river for nearly a month. This is the view from near the bottom two points if she was facing south west. Below is an image showing the roosts, one of her overnight roosts (Roost 6) as well as her travel over roughly 24 hours from early afternoon on 19 October to just after 16.00 on 20 October.

7H travel on 19 and 20 October

7H travel on 19 and 20 October

The next day she was back to the Resort for an hour or so by the pond before going to the east again. There isn’t an obvious reason why she has started to use that area; for instance it appears to have less shelter from the heat of the sun than the more wooded land west of the river. Or the trees by the pond!

Second day on the east side of the river

Second day on the east side of the river

From then until early on 25 October she has continued to sit by the pond for at least an hour every day and has been back to the eastern day roosts and the beach. She obviously likes regular changes of scene! The final image shows her activity from about noon on 23 October to 09.00 on 25 October when she was at the pond. Roost 5 is an area she has spent the night and also visits during the day.

7H from midday 23 Oct to 09.00 25 Oct

7H from midday 23 Oct to 09.00 25 Oct


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4 Responses to Old and new for 7H

  1. Jillian says:

    Thanks you for news of both birds. I asume there is no more new info from the one in the Atlas mountains, possible prey for an eagle owl like one of Rutlands or maybe transmitter playing up, so sad when they work so hard with their migrations.

  2. joannadailey says:

    If any data comes in on VV, last heard from on 11 September at the edge of the Atlas Mountains, there’ll be a post in the blink of an eye, Jillian! Very sadly it is more likely that she has perished than there is a tracker fault. The systems were fine on 11 September. Predation is a possibility or failure to cross the mountains or desert beyond before her reserves ran out.

    • thehutts says:

      As I always say, slow and steady wins the race! VV set off at a pace whilst the other 2 are being much more cautious. Sally

      • joannadailey says:

        Sally, VV may have left left first but she didn’t travel as far in a day as UV and 7H did with their riskier ocean crossings. Actually VV had the least eventful migration of the three of them until she reached the Atlas Mountains.

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